Monday, March 22, 2010

CTU job interview

My youth minister from when I was a teenager in Tulsa had this to say in reaction to tonight's episode of 24:

i think the CTU director job interview goes like this:
Interviewer: Have you ever heard of Jack Bauer?
Prospect: No
Interviewer: Good.
Prospect: What if I meet him?
Interviewer: Patronize him a lot.
Prospect: What if he has friends who stick up for him?
Interviewer: Sequester them for at least 2 episodes.

So true. The show has always been a case study in how not to manage people, but this season's CTU office politics have been so absurdly over the top as to make any HR director hemorrhage.

Doesn't mean I won't keep watching. Jack and Renee Walker - and surprisingly Freddie Prinze Junior's character - can still carry the show. I'll give Chloe some credit too.


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