Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yes we did! I'll say it again: never bet against Barry Obama

Back in November, I predicted health care reform would pass for one simple reason: you never bet against Barack Obama. Here's what I wrote:

Some people just have an innate ability to come through in the clutch, to not lose no matter what. Michael Jordan had it. LeBron has it (and it’s gonna take him to a title in the next couple seasons). And Barack Obama has it. All through the election, whenever the media counted him out (down 30 points in the polls to Hillary, “Bittergate,” Jeremiah Wright, Sarah Palin’s Convention speech), he stuck to his plan and pulled out the W. Now that it’s actually time to get things done, I feel the same mojo about him. He’s like the Mike Jordan of reforming, the Papi of the Potomac (2004-07 version), the Tiger Woods of Washington. Like Tom Brady (pre-David Tyree), you know that no matter what’s happened for the first 58 minutes, he’s coming through in the last two.

Now he's pulled out the W on health care reform, and life will be infinitely better for millions of Americans. Now if I wanted to start a business, I could do so without losing my health care. Now if I were to develop a heart condition, I know that no insurance company will be able to deny me coverage.

Thank you to the President, to Speaker Pelosi, and even to Bart Stupak, for finally coming to his senses.


  1. the Tiger Woods of Washington.

    I hope not. That could seriously damage his agenda...

  2. hmmm, good point Byron. I'd written the initial post before the Tiger Woods revelations came out. thanks for pointing that out!