Monday, January 25, 2010

Why scaling back the health care bill is suicide for Democrats

Last week I cited a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon that I think expresses liberals' sentiments regarding the prospects for not passing a health care bill: to have elected Barack Obama to the White House and 59 Democrats to the Senate, only to see health reform "scaled back" at the 1-yard line, would be like winning 10 cents in the lottery (or for Calvin, waking up to snow, only to find that it's just an inch and school is still on).  Earlier today, I explained why the health care bill simply cannot be broken up into pieces, because it only works as a comprehensive package.  The bottom line is this: if Democrats wimp out and pass a scaled back health bill, their strongest supporters will stay home in November.  They certainly will not volunteer or donate money. (This is all the more likely if Democrats also wimp out on cap-and-trade and other progressive issues.)

Now, here's further proof of this.  An email from not-so-subtly suggests that if Congress can't pass the health care bill, its 5 million members should punish Democrats by refusing to volunteer for them in 2010:

The message to Congress is clear: if you can't deliver, don't expect on the loyal support of your most dedicated supporters come November.  What's the point of spending sweat and cash if Democrats can't deliver on the issues that define them as Democrats?

Will Congress get the message?  There's only one way to make sure: Call Congress and let them know that if they don't pass comprehensive health care reform NOW, you will become disillusioned and refuse to support them in November.  Follow the link to find your Representatives' and Senators' numbers. 


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